228px-Securitron.pngThe PDQ-88b Securitron (also named the RobCo security model 2060-B) is a private security robot created and mass-produced by House Industries with the help of RobCo Industries, and privately and on a much smaller scale by the Big MT research company, who were primarily attempting to improve the original.


The PDQ-88b securitron is a large, monowheel robot with a titanium alloy housing, resistant to shrapnel and small arms fire. The PDQ-88b securitron is heavily-armed. Its left arm contains its primary weapon, a Glastinghouse, Inc. X-25 Gatling laser for medium range engagements. For close-range suppression and crowd control, the securitron mounts a 9mm machinegun in its right arm. However, these are only secondary weapons; concealed compartments in its shoulders contain M-235 missile launchers for long range and surface-to-air engagements, and a rapid-fire G-28 grenade launching system for close range engagements. The robots also have onboard auto-repair systems to repair any damage sustained from combat. Thus armed, a Securitron can handle nearly any combat situation.

The PDQ-88b Securitron produced by House Industries supports only two operating systems: Mk I and Mk II. The Mk I operating system lacks drivers for the auto-repair systems and explosive weapons, limiting the robot’s arsenal to the built-in X-25 Gatling laser and the 9mm machinegun. The Mk II operating system enables the M-235 missile launchers, the rapid-fire G-28 grenade launching system, and the auto-repair system. As estimated by Mr. House and Yes Man, the upgrade improves the combat effectiveness of each Securitron unit by 235%.

The PDQ-88b Securitron produced by the Big MT company supports six operating systems: Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, Mk IV, Mk V and Mk VI. These gradually increase firepower and accuracy, efficiency of auto-repair systems and missile launcher capacity.


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