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Fallout: Mile High

Howdy! Welcome to the post-apocalyptic wasteland we call home. After the bombs fell, a whole mess of people died, and the dead planet gave birth to a buncha monsters. “Home” used to be where the heart is, but now it’s just a heat-baked mirage, vanishing even as the unlucky survivors of the end of the world reach for it. Still, people have a tendency to keep on livin’. Surviving is the hardest part, and if you have that down, you’re well on your way to finding some piece of mind. So go and scavenge, carve out a hole in this long-dead planet to call your own. And if you do find a safe hole – a home, you do what you have to, fight and kill who you have to, in order to protect it. Because home was once where the heart is, and in this land, what’s yours is worth killing over.

Some ideal has to remain.

War. War never changes.

Using the d20 modern rule set and the setting of the Fallout universe, this campaign takes place in Colorado after the nuclear war of the 23rd century which laid waste to the world. Characters here will have a chance to survive in the shadow of the Rockies, fight and support different factions, and have character-driven story lines. Plus, a good deal of bullshitting. So check out The Vault for basic info, or check out the characters to see what everyone is rolling.

Home Page

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