Fallout: Mile High

Chapter 2: Welcome to colorful Colorado!

The heroes look to the horizon

In the aftermath of the encounters at DIA, the heroes are left at a crossroads. While deciding what to do, a man calls out.

“Howdy! What in the world brings such an eclectic group of…. people and things together in such a dark and miserable place? But heck, I’m being rude. The name’s Luke Mandible (it came out Man-dee-blay), and I’m out on a little safari, myself. Course, I’m only lookin’ for one type of critter myself – Giant Radioactive Spiders – ya’ll haven’t seen any of those cute 8 legged varmints around, by chance, do you?”

Although several times the robot, the vault dweller, the wanderer, the ghoul and the suffering bastard each attempted to interrupt the man, he was oblivious to their interjections. Each time a finger was raised to add a point or answer a query, Luke kept on blithely talking, seemingly unaware to whom he was speaking.

“Actually, we did see one of those… things” the Vault Dweller finally said, after an awkward pause, “It sure was frightening. I mean, I’ve taken out a radroach or two in my day (the Vault Dweller seemed to swell with pride at this), but I’ve never seen any arachnid that large!”

“Wonderful! Mind pointing me in its direction? I bet I can get him to follow me home.”

The heroes exchanged a glance.

“It’s dead”, said the suffering bastard. “Us or it, sorry pal”, he finished, noticing the hurt look in Luke’s eyes. “Look, I’m sure there’s more in there if you wanna go look around. If you’re cra-

Suddenly, a shot rang out, a thunderous roar which echoed through the hills and ravaged land, cutting short the suffering bastard’s words.

The heroes turned to each other, all except for the wanderer, who merely focused his gaze on his midsection where a large, red floret began to blossom under his shirt. He turned to them, meaning to speak, but his thick tongue merely clicked noiselessly as he fell to the ground.

“Shooter! We have a shooter!” cried the ghoul as the heroes scattered, finding whatever cover they could.

Luke watched, puzzled as the heroes fled, turned and peered into the horizon, and another shot glanced off the ground not five paces from him.
“Hrmm,” he grunted, raising his hand to shade his eyes. A small smile finally crept on his face as he shouldered his rifle, another round ricocheting off the ground, closer this time. He fired once, twice, then lowered his rifle, chuckling as he did so.
“Got him,” he said, emptying the spent shell into a pouch at his belt and bending to pick up the other.
“Looks like your friend needs some serious care – where are y’all heading?” he said casually, bending and inspecting the unconscious wanderer. “I know of a place not too far from here that might be able to help him out, unless you fellas already have a place to go?”

At this point, the adventurers can head to Gun Club, a 10 mile journey.

The journey is difficult and my involve some combat, but after arriving in Gun Club, the adventurers are able to unburden themselves of Blake, have a drink, and learn a bit more about the area.

After entrusting Blake to the care of Nurse Donaghy, the adventurers recover from their trip, spending the rest of the evening engaged in mildly relaxing chatter with Arnie Macdonald over drinks and stories of survival. Arnie suggested they stay the night, which the adventurers placidly accepted, almost peaceful behind the heavy walls and locked gates of Gun Club.

A sudden idea flashed into Arnie’s old eyes at that moment, and he casually brought about the subject of whether the adventurers wouldn’t mind cleaning out the ruins of an old hotel, Slum Inn.

It seems that with Caesar’s Legion taking The Den, the Centenals, a growing society about 20 miles from Gun Club, has taken up to defending the highways leading in and out of Denver. This has cut-off the Legion’s supply lines, and has resulted in a continual series of firefights on the ruins of the Grand Army Highway.

Now, usually, the Centenals, while pompus assholes (generally speaking), would do a pretty good job of keeping the local riff-raff clear before they could take hold of some old ruins and harass the area with moderate safety. With them being busy with the Legion, Raiders were starting to gang up. Which brought them to Slum Inn.

The heroes agreed, had their rooms paid for, and promised rewards if they could bring back proof of the dead raiders. Feeling confident, the adventurers said goodnight.

Here’s the DM info on the challenges and enemies encountered this session

Skill Challenge: on the road to Gun Club

The heroes must complete 6/8 Skill Checks in order to journey to Gun Club. The challenges include the following:

  • A DC 10 Treat Injury (the players may choose to take 10), in order to stabilize the Wanderer.
  • A DC 10 Navigate (group or single) check to determine the direction of Gun Club
  • A DC 12 Jump check to hurdle a chasm in a highway overpass
  • A DC 12 Treat Injury check to stabilize the Wanderer.
  • A DC 14 Move Silently (group) to pass a level Radscorpion
  • A DC 14 Climb check (group or single [with rope]) to scale a wall created when the bombs fell
  • A DC 14 Treat Injury check to stabilize the Wanderer.
  • A DC 14 Constitution check (group) to endure the speed and harsh environment.

    Radscorpion, Albino
    Size and Type: Huge Vermin
    Hit Dice: 8d8+40 (75 hp)
    Mas: 27
    Initiative: + 2
    Speed: 50 ft.
    Defense: 14 (-2 size, + 4 Natural, + 4 Dex), touch 10, flat-footed 20
    Base Attack/Grapple: + 6/+ 6
    Attack: + 14 melee (1d12+ 7, claw)
    Full Attack: + 14 melee (1d12+ 7, claw), + 14 melee (1d12+ 7, claw), and + 14 melee (2d4+ 7 plus poison, stinger)
    Space/Reach: 15 ft by 15 ft/10ft
    Special Qualities: Poison, Resistance to Massive Damage +5, Armor Plates(DR 4/-), Solar Regeneration
    Saves: Fort + 12, Ref + 5, Will + 3
    Abilities: Str 24, Dex 14, Con 22, Int 3, Wis 10, Cha 2
    Skills: Climb + 9, Hide + 12, Spot + 12
    Feats: Toughness, Weapon Focus (claw)
    Possessions: None
    Organization: —
    Challenge Rating: 10
    Allegiances: None
    Advancement: 11-19(Huge)
    Level Adjustment: —

Poison: Fort DC 18, Initial 1d6 Con damage, Secondary 1d6 Con damage.
Solar Regeneration: Regains 2 HP per turn when in sunlight.

{font-size:16pt} Gun Club

Arnie Macdonald runs the Buckin’ Bronco in Gun Club, and sells a limited supply of items, if the survivors are interested. He’ll also alert them to the following items of information:

  • Denver is rich in supplies, so he hears, but the thousands of roving packs of feral dogs keep most at bay
    • Apparently, Caesar’s Legion has taken a foothold in Denver. They have secured a number of high-rise buildings, creating an elevated defense against the dogs.
  • Centenal (pre-war: Centennial), a militaristic outpost some 20 mi SW of Gun Club has been fortifying it’s defenses for the past few years, Arnie has served a continuous number of travelers on the Centenal road from the mid-west territories.
    • Apparently, Caesar’s Legion has been in on-again, off-again attacks and negotiations with the Centenals.

[font-size:14pt} Gun Club: Quests

*Arnie asks the adventurers to check out the Slum Inn, the ruins of a pre-war hotel which has been infested with a small, but growing Raider gang.
*Nurse Donaghy offers to help the adventurers upgrade their stuff, rewarding them with the schematics for a auto-inject stimpak.



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