Fallout: Mile High

Chapter 1: The Ka-Tet Coalesces

Mutated prairie grass pokes through the ruined pavement of the highway. The rusted remnants of the large sign hang by a mere two bolts. “DIA next exit” The A has been scratched out so that it reads “DIE next exit”. The husk of the once proud airport rises up out of the ground like a bleached giants skull.

Various gangs have held control of what is left of the more structurally sound parts of the buildings. The latest gang which has had control the longest is the Mustangs. A fanatical gang that worships a horse idol while consuming copious amounts of drugs.

Unbeknownst to them beneath the earth lies Vault 303. Orderly civilization beneath the insane chaos.


Outside of the ruins of the Denver International Airport, in the summer of 2281, five travelers met. Each was going to a different place, or no place in particular, but somehow their roads all converged at the same place on the same day. And in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, when even two paths cross, it usually ends in death.

Perhaps it was the drifting of the pre-war music through the wastes, played via speakers mounted on a rambling securitron unit that disarmed the travelers. Perhaps it was that the securitron was met by a vault-dweller, unexposed to the harsh truths of the world. Two creatures who both happened to be programmed to interact non-violently with others. And then came the ghoul – not some rabid, feral creature, but a silent, graceful force dressed in… brotherhood Scribe robes? What is a brotherhood Scribe doing this far into the Four States Commonwealth? And why did she choose to engage with the two strangers when she could have kept walking past?

What are the odds?

Then the thrashing came from the patchy grass that grew in the wastes. A man stumbled to his feet, craned his neck to the sky, squinted, and then promptly vomited with his hands on his knees. What followed was laughter, tinged with pain. And that those three, who met on the road, chose not to just steal everything from the man and leave another corpse in the wastes. Finally came the man with the shakes, with Jet on his breath and eyes that have seen horrors. And this man, this killer of men saw these four travelers, and… he joined them.

What are the odds.

They chose then to band together – a temporary alliance of sorts – and attempt to wind their way from the shattered ruins of the airport. Unfortunately, on their way through the wreckage, they encountered some raiders as well as a giant radioactive spider.

Those challenges behind them, the heroes look onward.



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